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Trescàlia is an Incoming travel agency specializing in the sale of tailor-made package tours for groups or individuals in the Pyrenees-Costa Brava, in Catalonia: Garrotxa, Ripollès and Alt Empordà.

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Beth Cobo CEO & Founder

FOTO ELISABETH COBOBorn in Barcelona… but in love with la Garrotxa. Guiding groups from around the world is her passion: tailor made programs is her specialty. Her enthusiasm for everything is ultimately infectious and provides the leadership for many of the new products. It’s a naturalist 2.0: you can found her with a notebook, a camera and an butterfly net on the field, or in a social network hanging photos of the last bimbo.

Mike Lockwood – nature & hiking guide

Born in England but adopted from Garrotxa, Mike has been working as a nature and hiking guide for over 20 years. Get to know the roads of the region and their flora and fauna like no other, and especially enjoy teaching them to those who come from outside with a desire to learn. Birds, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies,… for Mike all nature is worth studying, because in this world everything is absolutely connected.

David Gimeno – hiking guide, educational programs and nature

Mountain guide and environmental educator, adopted from Garrotxa at the age of 30, traveling through valleys and peaks in a region full of contrasts. Touched by a privilege that we must retain for future generations: to accompany small groups of people to feel the drive of nature through careful observation, the ability to surprise ourselves and moderate physical effort.

Jordi Joan Esquerda – hiking guide, educational programs and nature

Jordi lived for 15 years in England and Ireland and has traveled all over the world. He has the certification of guide in several Catalan natural parks where he guides hiking and nature, he has also guided groups in El Camino. Working with biologists and environmental experts in nature research programs in the Pyrenees, this study allows him to continue learning and therefore pass on his knowledge to other people. He loves butterflies, travel, photography and world cultures and feels privileged to work outdoors in contact with nature.

Romero Roig – hiking guide, educational programs and nature

Biologist, educator and nature guide, he has been touring La Garrotxa for more than ten years. Despite specializing in river ecology, he has always opened up to more diverse perspectives in his view of nature and the territory: fauna, hiking, trails, geology, flora, history, culture, consciousness … and this is the who likes to share, from his own emotion, enlivening the bond between people and nature.

Jordi Artola – founder, nature guide and hiker

Native of La Garrotxa, born in Olot. Study biologist, naturalist by conviction. A long experience in nature guides and knowledge of the territory, the best guide for making stays: sensations in nature. You can find it any day in a mountain race, with a saltpetre behind a butterfly or looking for an insect under a stone or a stump.


We organize everything for you (activities, accommodation, restaurants and transfers) so you don’t have to worry about anything!