Walking from Pyrenees to volcanic Natural Park


grup paisatge walking SELFGUIDED

8 days / 7 nights
Accommodation: rural houses and small hotels

This walks offer visitors a chance to discover the eastern Pyrenees and La Garrotxa landscape and its heritage. We choose some of the best local areas to show off the wonderful cultural and natural diversity: they’ll discover it with the written guide.
Most of the trails are at la Garrotxa, the best example of a volcanic landscape on the Iberian Peninsula: 40 volcanoes and more than 20 lava flows.

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•    Day 1
Arrival at Girona/Barcelona airport
Transfer to Ribes de Freser.
Accommodation at hotel in Ribes de Freser. Dinner in hotel.

•    Day 2

Núria Sanctuary – Fontalba – Puigmal – Núria Sanctuary.
Rack railway to Núria Sanctuary
In case of bad weather conditions or snow on top, there are several options of walking itineraries around the Sancturay area at Núria Valley
Distance: 14km (8.7 miles)
Climb: 1100m? (3608 ft) / 1100m? (3608 ft)  
Walking timing: 5h 30min
Accommodation at hotel in Ribes de Freser

•    Day 3

Walk on the roman road
Walk from Sant Pau de Segúries along roman road to Bianya valley.
They will follow the best well preserved roman road. The amazing Via Annia roman road links the mountains with the sea. Then they’ll walk the old path between the lands of Bianya.
It’s a great walk for nature and landscape views. Special interest on flora in spring and autumn.
Distance: 14km (8.7 miles)
Climb: 800m??(2624 ft)  / 300m? (984ft)  
Walking timing: 6h 15min
Accommodation at cottage house in Vall de Bianya

•    Day 4

From the valley to the city of volcanoes
Olot is the county town of La Garrotxa. Inside the town there is four volcanoes. One of the most visited is Montsacopa volcano. It’s possible to walk up to the crater (10 min steps or 15min trail). The views from the crater are amazing: 360º panoramic view, form the Pyrenees to Olot valley and the volcanic zone.
Distance: 13km (8.1 miles)
Climb: 500m? (1640 ft)  / 450m? (1476 ft)  
Walking timing: 5h 30min
Accommodation at rural hotel in Olot

•    Day 5

Loop walk Volcanic Zone Natural Park
The heart of the Natural Park, visiting the main volcanoes. La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park is the best example of a volcanic landscape on the Iberian Peninsula, with 40 volcanoes and more than 20 basalt lava flows. The mountainous terrain, the soil and the climate provide the area with very diverse and often exuberant vegetation, with oak groves and woods and beech groves that form a landscape of exceptional beauty.
Distance: 16,5km (10.3 miles)
Climb: 400m? (1312 ft)  / 400m? (1312 ft)  
Walking timing: 5h 45min
Accommodation at rural hotel in Olot

•    Day 6

The ancient trails
This small village is characteristic of the area, and the nice houses and flowers from the main street is the typical post card from the western Pyrenees. The Camí Ral it’s the ancient trail linked Olot and Vic (the county town of Osona). The rocky pavement of the old trail helps to walk up the mountain. From the top they’ll enjoy the views of Vall d’en Bas and walking down to Joanetes.
Distance: 14km (8.7 miles)
Climb: 540m? (1771 ft) / 500m? (1640 ft)  
Walking timing: 5h 15min
Accommodation at rural cottage in Vall d’en Bas

•    Day 7

The best view point over the Brugent valley
This walk starts with a climb up to a vantage point over the Natural Park, La Salut sanctuary.  Having enjoyed the view, it’s time to continue on to Sant Feliu de Pallerols, an interesting small town that grew up in the Middle Ages around its church. The historical and architectural dating from the 12th-13th centuries. Waking through the village, they’ll find the green way directly to la Rectoria de Sant Miquel de Pineda.
Distance: 12km (7.5 miles)
Climb: 450m? (1456 ft) / 600m? (1668 ft)  
Walking timing: 4h 30min
Accommodation at rural house in Sant Feliu de Pallerols

•    Day 8

After breakfast, transfer to Barcelona / Girona airport

What’s included

•     Transfer from Girona/Barcelona Airport to Ribes de Freser
•     Bed & Breakfast accommodation: 7 nights.
•     4 dinners
•     Packed lunch meal each activity day (6 days)
•     Door to door luggage transfer when needed
•     Rack railway to Núria Valley
•     All other transfers as required
•     Transfer from Sant Feliu de Pallerols to Barcelona/Girona.
•    Guide and map of the route, with description of the landscape, flora, fauna and historical sites.
•    Information with all the details they need on the walk

  • Sant Martí del Corb Sant Martí del Corb
  • Via romana Via romana
  • Zona volcànica: Volcà Santa Margarida Zona volcànica: Volcà Santa Margarida
  • Serra del Corb Serra del Corb
  • El Canigó i la ciutat d'Olot El Canigó i la ciutat d'Olot
  • Entrant a la Fageda d'en Jordà Entrant a la Fageda d'en Jordà
  • Sant Miquel del Corb Sant Miquel del Corb
  • Volcà Santa Margarida Volcà Santa Margarida
  • Estanys de Can Jordà Estanys de Can Jordà
  • Rocacorba Rocacorba