Portada DVL

Study trips in the heart of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park led by local English-speaking guides aimed at discovering the secrets of the local volcanic landscape – the largest in the Iberian Peninsula – and the impact of this protected area on the local population and landscape.


Educational activities are based around guided fieldwork in and around the volcanoes and visits to the protected area, using materials that have been especially designed for this type of activity. Walks up and into craters, inside volcanoes, across lava flows and to the base of basaltic cliffs are combined with visits to the local volcano museum and natural park facilities.

VULCANISM – Three levels

1. BASIC. A simple introduction to the local volcanic landscape and its relation to the main volcanic features.
+ info: DVL Basic vulcanism

2. SPECIFIC. A more advanced look at three overlapping lava flows (e.g. retraction habits), cone morphology and land-use on the natural park.
+ info: DVL Specific vulcanism